Have you ever felt like you were just stuck doing the same thing day in and day out only to find that weeks, months and years were passing you by? This was me. I sold out, I got the suit and I gave up on what I really enjoyed doing, which is story telling through a lens….  All this changed when I realised that I was only one decision away from the future that I had dreamed of.  

My story starts here…

Thinking differently, approaching each project with a willingness to explore new realms of possibility. Often this means stepping out of our comfort zone, bringing new elements of surprise, exploration and discovery together.  I love hearing the story behind a project and finding creative ways to tell that story through images, music, design and video. Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, is exciting, because I have the opportunity to bring their passion and the story of what drives them to life, so that their clients and family and friends can really get a taste for their craft and the expertise they are offering.

Lets chat over a coffee and see if we can build upon your next story.